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 What is Beerskin? 

BEERSKIN Cosmetics is a new brand, which currently consists of shampoos with beer extracts, conditioners and shower gels. Great choice for women and men who are looking for the better quality at affordable price.  Cosmetic products are manufactured in Serbia from the raw materials of the leading European suppliers.



  • Rich in natural extracts, oils and finest mild surfactants used in natural products, formulated to guarantee both immediate long lasting benefits for women’s and men’s hair and skin.

  • Innovative formula of the product, created in accordance with the latest trends in cosmetology: without sulfates (SLS, SLES), parabens and silicones, more than 90% natural origin ingredients.

  • Unique positive design of packaging,

  • Affordable price.


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Женщина с косметикой



Привлекательный молодой мужчина


About us

Many of you know us as a manufacturer of The Chemical Barbers products, which we created and exported to the Russian market from 2016 until 2020.

Unique packaging and high-quality products were our aims.


We used a break in 2020 to create something even better for both men and women ;) And so, we would like to present you our new project – Beerskin Cosmetics.

A large team of like-minded people and super professionals in their field worked on this project. We collaborated with the most brilliant chemists in the beauty industry to make sure every ingredient that came into our formulas is on the right place.

We are pleased to announce that after nearly 2 years of work (yes, we are perfectionists :))), our products are perfectly ready and you can try it.

To those of you who were wondering if our "beer can" is suitable for multiple uses, here is the answer 😎😉⬇️

In 2016 we patented an industrial design of the plastic bottle in the shape of a "beer can", that can be opened and closed many times.

We've been working on that for 2 years with great professionals in the packaging industry until we were satisfied with the result👌🏻🤍✅

So you may enjoy Beerskin products without hesitation✌🏻🍻☺🛀

We hope that you will provide us with the same super support as you did before!


How can you support us?

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- recommend us to your friends


Hugs & kisses!


Mr and Ms Beerskin ;)





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KS Group LLС is a cosmetic manufacturer in Serbia since 2014g.
The formulation, packaging, and design were created by KS Group LLC and protected by patent worldwide.
BEERSKIN is a registered trademark.

All rights reserved.
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Office address: 11000, Serbia, Belgrade, Marsala Birjuzova, 53

+381 64 649 87 63