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Beerskin Cosmetics is certified according to EC Regulation 1223/2009 on cosmetics

Dear friends! We have fantastic #news! Beerskin Cosmetics is now #certified to be placed on #EU market! 😎✌🍻🍀

The European Union 🇪🇺 is one of the most regulated regions in the world, and cosmetics products fall under strict #regulations⚠️🔬🧪

✅Regardless of the #manufacturing processes or the channels of distribution, #cosmetic #products placed on the EU #market must be #safe.

✅The #manufacturer is responsible for the safety🤓 of their products and must ensure that they undergo an expert scientific #safety #assessment 🔬👩‍🔬before they are sold.

What does it mean and why this is so important?🧐⚠️⚗️

1️⃣ Every single ingredient is reviewed to be sure that there are no banned ingredients and that all used ingredients are within the acceptable concentration⚖️🧬🚿

2️⃣ All the raw materials were coming from a safe ethical source, our formulas are stable, the way things are being handled in the warehouse is the right way, and there’s nothing shady going on, and the manufacturing process is held in accordance with “Good manufacturing practice” standards (ISO 22716:2007).

3️⃣ All our claims on product labels have been checked ✅and ensured that we can back them up. We have sent all the clinical trials and provided documentation of safety, stability and all necessary tests conducted:

a. Stability and compatibility test🔬,

b. Challenge test📈,

c. Microbiological specifications of the finished product⚗️

😎Our European registration process takes about 1 year, but we think that this is necessary for better protection of consumers 👫, animals 🐰, and the environment 🌍, for better inform end users and better harmonize national laws.

So, now we are ready for traveling abroad! Juuuupppiiiii!🥳🥳🥳


Mr&Ms Beerskin

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